Summer Math Mini-Sessions

Tutoring with Delaney is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a math intervention program for the summer of 2017. This program will be open to students entering grades 4-Algebra I to reinforce the skills introduced per each grade level. Research has shown that students have a greater tendency to forget the skills needed in mathematics more than those needed for reading and grammar*. It is the intention of the program to provide the opportunities students need to retain the information year to year for success in mathematics.

During each two week mini-session, your child will receive assistance mastering content from the previous grade, or a jumpstart on next year’s material! Classes are held Monday-Friday for two weeks and are separated by grade levels.

Space is limited to five (5) students per session. Book before May 1 to receive $25 refund at Choose “book class” from the left menu, then select the Monday that starts the session(s) based on the child’s current grade level and mastery of content.

General Information:

Each session will be facilitated by a certified educator who will be providing instruction using hands-on manipulatives, cooperative learning, and handouts in a small group setting.

All manipulatives and handouts will be provided. Students will need to supply their own pencils, single subject notebooks, and standard calculators (calculators use is optional and there is no need for graphing calculators).
It is requested that students bring a copy of their final report card on the first day to ensure they are enrolled in the correct level.

Although the specific content will vary by grade level, the following schedule will be used for grades 4-preAlgebra:

Monday- Measurement (metric, US customary, time, temperature, dimensional analysis)
Tuesday- Translating (words → symbols, literacy focus)
Wednesday- Word Problems (strategies, using formulas, problem-solving in a real-life context)
Thursday- Theory (number relations, patterns, integer and rational operations, PEMDAS)
Friday- Financial (discounts/markups, % of change, interest, comparison shopping)

Session Information:

4/5th Grade June 5-16 (9:00am-Noon)
This session is intended for students who have mastered 4th grade and would like to begin preparing for 5th grade math OR for students exiting 5th grade who would benefit from review before moving up to middle school.
-Place value system: prime v composite, factoring
-Operations involving whole numbers, decimals and fractions
-Order of Operations
-Measurement: appropriate units and conversions within the same system
-Estimation and Rounding
-Coordinate geometry
-Plane figures: lines, angles, and shapes (perimeter/circumference and area)

6/7th Grade June 5-16 (2:00-5:00pm)
This session is intended for students who have mastered 6th grade and would like to begin preparing for 7th grade math OR for students exiting 7th grade who would benefit from reviewing the skills and standards before moving on to pre-Algebra.
-Operations with whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, PEMDAS
-Distributive property
-Ratios, rates, percents
-Comparing and ordering integers, fractions, decimals
-Writing and solving equations/inequalities
-Measures of central tendency and graphical representations of data
-Percent of change
-Plane geometry: parallel, perpendicular, skew, lines and angle relationships
-Perimeter/circumference and area of polygons

8/PreAlgebra June 19-30 (9:00am-Noon)
This session is for students who have mastered 7th grade math and are ready to begin preparing for proof-based reasoning required for Algebra OR for students who have completed a pre-Algebra course but are not quite transitioned to algebraic thinking and would benefit from targeted sessions to help shift away from arithmetic dependency for problem-solving success.
-Operations with integers and absolute value
-Proportional reasoning and dimensional analysis
-Perimeter/circumference, area, surface area, volume
-Writing and solving equations/inequalities
-Percent of change, interest (simple and compound)
-Probability and statistics
-Properties of exponents

Algebra I Part 1
Session 1: July 10-21 (9:00am-Noon)
Session 2: July 24-Aug 4 (9:00am-Noon)
-Solving simple and multi-step equations
-Writing and graphing linear equations
-Graphing linear equations various forms
-Writing and graphing one-, two-, and multi-step linear inequalities
-Solving systems of equations by graphing, substitution, and elimination methods
-Solving systems of linear inequalities
-Functions: domain and range, discrete and continuous, linear patterns, function notation, linear vs nonlinear, arithmetic and geometric sequences
-Simplifying square roots
-Properties of exponents
-Exponential growth and decay

Algebra I Part II
Session 1: July 10-21 (2:00-5:00pm)
Session 2: July 24-Aug 4 (2:00-5:00pm)
-Polynomials: adding, subtracting, multiplying, factoring
-Writing and solving polynomial equations
-Quadratic functions: graphing, zeroes, axis of symmetry, vertex
-Solving quadratic equations: graphing, quadratic formula, completing the square
-Pythagorean Theorem
-Direct and indirect variation
-Solving systems of linear and quadratic equations
-Comparing linear, exponential, and quadratic equations and graphs


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